About Last Night

How do I live a moment
Knowing precisely
That I am
Never gonna live it again
Just how

It is as if
A memory is being created
A memory is being cemented
Simultaneously, as I live this moment
Tonight, here now

You know,
Moments are like people
One very different from the other
And this one is made of
Profound nostalgia

A moment in which
A dozen more moments are caged
Memory within a memory
Moment inside a moment inside
Another moment, and so on

Probably, with the life I've chosen
There may be similar times
In the future as well
But not this one
In exactitude

I feel
Hopelessly incapable to let go
Of whatever sand
I have gathered in my hands
But I know, I rather would

I have bought myself
A piece of space and time,
And I would freeze the universe at that.