I was the mirage you chased through all your life.
When dawn peeped through your window, I was the first ray to touch you as the sun poured in.
I was the petals of love you trampled under your foot when young.
The shelter you craved for as the mob chased you all along.
The music that healed your heart.
The winds that grazed your face when you stood all alone on the roof looking for yourself.
The first hint of old age, and the nearness of death.
No matter how far you were, I was always near by, mingled in the air you took in, the blood that ran in you.
In every instance of beauty and suffering you witnessed, I bear testimony to all the moments you lived through.
I was your life and your doom.
And look at what you did to me?
You left me weeping in some ghastly corner of time…me? Your soul?

show me the meaning of being in love

This is the hour of love
And love is in the air
The moon beams down
On us earthly mortals

When all wounds heal
And the soul smiles
Wild and free
And there is glee everywhere

When I feel
That I love you
And it’s strong love
This time, true love

No more betrayals
No more of ego
And the gloom of
The never ending wait

And time, give me
A last chance to forget
Ma last love
And live life all over again

I want it to be for ever
This time
For ever
Eternal, ethereal and deep

I want to fall in love
All over again
And get over all the pain
Forget all the pain I spent

Everything that happened
Was but a part of a
Bad dream
A hellish nightmare that would never recur

I want to cleanse ma heart
Of all the dirt and filth
May I call a spade a spade?
I want no reasons or excuses

I want to let the
Moonlight come in
And wash away
Everything that happened

I want a better place
And peace of mind
Angel, would you set me free
Angel, take me far away

I want the stars
To shine all over again
And the flowers to smile
Truly, this time

And want ma love to
Win the war this time
Irrespective of everything
I want myself to win

For ma fragile heart
Can’t take another heart-break
I want wounds to heal,
Pain to go

I want to start
All over again
Fall in love
All over again

And show me the meaning of being in love
some things never die...
like these mountains,
this green,
like beauty, ethereal and unscathed,
like da moon,
like tears,
like love...
yeah, u can't kill love...lest u die...

even if u die,
da marks of love remain
on the leaves of your diary,
where you confessed your love...
a thousand unposted letters,
of anger,
of the dreams you knit-
every moment you were in love,
and of your love...

all that lives on
after love dies?
empty nights,
a bit of remorse,
unsaid words,
a heart that bleeds, every now and then...

u can't kill doesn't die...