KP Special!

I dyed my fingers in flowers for you
Their color faded as they yearned for your touch

Every winter when the tree burst in full bloom
And the road leading home became fragrant with promises
All the while walking back alone
I peeped coyly from amongst my hair
To see if it was you, tiptoeing beside me

Every time it rained
And it got duskier and darker
The drops came down
And trickled down my window
I have wanted to feel you close, very close


I am a traveler. The traveler in me showed up, when I was staring out of a sleeping train, into the sky with innumerable stars. I realized that I hadn’t star gazed for months. Those few hours, I could not ask for anything more. I was so content with being me. I had to crane my spondylitic neck up, against the bars that bounded the windows, and still I felt no pain. All that I was doing, was all for myself, solely for deriving some kind of mental satiety and peace that I always keep on a thirsty traveler chases a mirage. And I grow so glad, when I find the key to my happiness, be it merely for a few hours. I relish every moment I spend with myself.That's all!

To whoever!

Dear flirts, why don’t you understand?
No matter how you make your ways grand
You are things, I just can’t stand

Every time you meet some chick
Graceful, cute and chic
Or spectacled, lonely and a geek

You will have more ways to devise
To make her realize
That it’s she you fantasize

Talk to her through out the night
You skillfully intersperse that talk with an endearing fight
Tell her she’s the most beautiful, to her very delight

Hold her hands
Sink your fangs
Frame your phrases with such brilliance

Unaware of your flirtatious flair
Of your heart other females could demand an equal share
Had she known, she would slit your throat without a care

When will you feel?
That the wounds of love take long to heal
And it is tough for her, to renew that old zeal

Haven’t you by now slaked your thirst?
Settle down; look for your right woman first
Think love forever and not just one night of lust

being lovelorn-this is how creative it can get

When we bid adieu the last time, I didn't even know that it would be the last time. I couldn't even mourn it. I couldn’t even weep. I had shout till my screams tore through these walls
I had beat myself to quieten myself, to calm my wrath.

My eyes wouldn't shed a tear, with the fear that tears wouldn't suffice. Nothing could even begin to console the loss that I had gained. Even today, when in solitude I wonder if you would really come back and beg to be pardoned at my feet and kiss my hands, and cry to be taken back.

You are the answer to all my silences. You can quieten my bleeding heart. Only you...