God's favourite child

I as such do not have any inclination towards for animals as pets, even zoos would not have interested me, but for the solitude and distance they offer from life. I am scared by fierce looking Alsatians. Have stayed in an apartment all my life, and with both of my parents working never had the time or space to have one. And as far as street dogs are concerned, I never gave them a thought. Kept a track of PETA, just for the sake of my general knowledge until today happened.

Finally winter has descended on the hilly (read mountainous) town of mine. Winter is accompanied by beautiful mornings. And I was on my way to college. Twenty minutes behind schedule. I came across one of the nicest things that life could offer a lover like me.

A puppy, a shade lighter than creamy brown in color, that must have been thrown out from the place it slept in the last night by the chill of the fog of dawn. It slept on the road, bathing in golden yellow sunlight, like God's favorite child.

It was a bundle of joy. The way it slept gave me feeling that life is cozy, comfortable and livable! It was life, reincarnated.

I wanted to savor the sight. Store it in my heart for some obscure poem to be written in that undated future of mine. Someday...I told myself.

I hurried for my class.

On my way back, I found it again. Still sleeping. But with arms out stretched this time. Just the way we take turns on our beds. When I turned back, I saw blood oozing out of its mouth. It was gone, run over.

I didn't stop. I couldn't stop.

And as I am blogging this out here, the flesh of that pariah must be rotting in that silent corner, some unknown corner of this gloomy world. Tomorrow it will ooze out, making things difficult for passers-by.

Do I care?

May be yes...I will shed a drop of tear, is that all God's favorite child deserved? It wouldn't be mourned for...

I miss a place far away...

I miss a place far away,
I miss home
I miss those cracks in the walls,
The shade in my garden,
The still and silent afternoons

I miss the sleepy siesta
And my grandma,
The new bloom of winter
And the blinding fog

The dad I was dagger heads with,
And the rides he took me out for

My doting mom, my nagging mom
Feeding me, being the motto of her life
I remember how her veins would show up
Working for me
Huh! Did I care?

And the kid bro,
And his tantrums
When my youth carried me away
From the child in him

I miss those tired evenings
I miss being fed
Being loved
And a hand that ran on my fore head

I miss the idols we worshipped
The prayers I said
I miss my past
The present is but a burden

And besides that
I miss so many other things
Things whose shape
I try to feel in the air of this place

I wanna go back
I wanna go back home

I was an individual,
I wanted an identity
And look
Now what has happened to me?

liberated...just now...

Have any of you people ever felt empty-hearted? With a heart with no ones name engraved on it? With no one worthy enough …for that great an honor, I am feeling empty-hearted, right now!
Believe me, it’s good this way! You start feeling so damn free. Wild and free! You can feel being yourself… the person you are. Like an adventurer on a lonely planet. That’s what life should be like… liberated! Enlightened!
When you have nothing to laugh for, nothing to cry for, no joyous memories to be cherished, no future to be looked into. Just a smile, so very complacent that it says et al. Lead the life that a gypsy leads. Trotting around on your own. Your soul being your sole soul mate.
Let your hair grow gray, your skin have wrinkles. Let your bones crack down. Let your eyes go blind. Don’t stop. Carry on. Carry on, the way you are….all alone…an adventurer on a lonely planet. You will love it, I am sure.
But …don’t forget me. For I am after all your mentor, your pathfinder. Don’t forget to retrace your steps and thank me after your are enlightened….good luck.

hav nuthin' much 2 say

It has been quite a few days that I have not written anything. Nothing at all. I have stopped blogging altogether. Today that I am a little lonely and I felt like giving a face to whatever my heart felt, so you have this entry here. That’s what exactly happens. I tend to stop talking to myself when I am not alone. I always lose myself in company and in a crowd, invariably. Doesn’t matter! It’s rare that I am blessed with company of my kind. My soul-mates are scarce, extinct. Well! I am almost an online agony-aunt. Phew!
But recently I met an agony-unc. Someone who did show me some light. And that’s why (most probably) I am lonely now. He isn’t there. The absence of ma agony-unc does matter, I have come to know. And that’s why I fell back on an old friend- ma diary. Just that I have lost track of what I wanted to write…