For the girl who chased shadows...

Hey, look at our shadows
Do they look happy?
No, they don't, right?
Or may be they do...

But my shadow looks thinner, hai na?
And an inch or two taller, than I am.

O My hair! It looks like a tree...I hate that.
And you look like a tower.

And this is mischievous yaa'!
You look closer to me there, than you are.
It looks like we are holding hands or something like that.
But we aren't, right?

As we walk into the light
Our shadows dissolve in it
I turn to find you by my side
And see you're not here...
PS: I was sitting alone on that table for two…that sultry afternoon, after a tired day. Sitting alone, not staring at people for a change. I was looking out of the window. At the setting sun from among the leaf-less branches of a tree. I must have had a distant look in my eyes. I wasn’t where I was. So people smiled at me, did I look insane for average human standards?

I had a cup of tea. That couldn’t quench my quest for warmth. I got another. When I left the table, I neatly arranged the two empty cups, and it looked like two people had been sitting there, and talking about life.


How meek?

How dumb?
What handicap can drive you to such horrendous depths of ignominy?
Why are you so shut up?

Have you lost everything you had?
Don' you have the will to survive further?
Tell me, what is it that is so killing you?
O’er the days, but it is…

Make an effort, darlin’
I’ll see you thru’
Try and make it happen

It's time

My life is a hell lot complicated. No, it can be pretty simple. But it’s me who makes it so complicated. I am amidst horrible people. I am kinda trapped here. And every passing moment I realize their worsening standards. I meet liars, cheats. And I have begun to absolutely despise questions. So I don’t like people asking me who are above mentioned exponents I meet. Things I see, I can’t explain. Things I explain, I don’t see. This is because I have, gradually learnt what it is like to pretend. I so have to pretend, it has become a compulsion.

Am I frustrated ? Yes. Am I am lonely? Yes. Am I looking? No! Not at all… (People please take note.)

Hopelessly romantic? Almost. But excuse me, my notions about love and romance would differ from many of you. So keep all prejudice away. It’s a flame I don’t want to put off. A passion I can’t afford to lose. And no person, alive or fictitious, can ever measure up to my parameters in love. That’s the way it is and so it shall be.

Bold? Yes that I am. The way I think is definitely outlandish according to average standards. I am wild, so an outcaste.

I can talk at a stretch. But I believe that spasms of the facial muscles say more than words.

And there are times, I am so dumbfounded that I might not speak at all. I love to dig into deeper depths of solitude and silence. And this might not be apparent. But true, it is.

I know my lacunae, more than I know my strengths. I know what fails me. And I am so aware of my future, so sans glamour. How dark could it be? Would I be able to figure my own self out in that darkness?

I like to have friends that understand me. And, in fact only a few can do that. But then I cut myself off from them also. And shut myself in my room all over again.

And also, I am the centre of the universe. My universe. And I can't care any less about the rest of it. And that's the way it is...

.......... :)

'Your face is as thought-inducing as a brewing cup of coffee on a foggy winter night'

'Excuse me?'

'Yes, it is'

'Excuse me?'

'Ok, it isn't'

'Why, what happened to that yes?'

'Confess it! You like it when I admire you.'


'You do, don you?'

'How should it matter when you have already done that do thousands of other women?'

'Really? Who told you that?'

'Why will anybody have to tell me an obvious truth? I know, I just know...Do I look that foolish or something?'

'No, you look beguiling, with all that saintly calm coated all over you and a demure demeanor to floor any man that talks to you'

Nobody talks for a minute

Then he continues...

'Err...allow me to say, I also like the way you raise that right eyebrow, the left one intact. It tells me that you can pounce on me any moment'


'Wo'? You're gonna call me names for that?'

'Worse, I'm gonna send you to jail, sue you!'

'That's all?'

'If that doesn shut u up, I'm gonna scratch every part of you with these long nails I've got. Long enough, aren't they?'

'Aw! I can't wait to be...scratched'

'You surprise me with your patience. Hadn't I asked you not to try all your dirty trick on me? Why don you get it? It jus doesn work out'

'You leaving?'

'Or should I stay back for more?'

'But who'l pay the bill?'

and they went on and on...!