It's 3 am
Barely anything can
Make sleep come to me now
It's too late
It's too early

Tomorrow's a Saturday
Laundry day, I guess
Sheets to be changed
Flowers to be bunched up and vased
Rest is gonna be TV, more or less

About now,
Yesterday feels too far
Tomorrow is away too
Stuck in the interim
I am scavenging for sleep

My stomach burns
Breathing shallows
Heart breaks
Slowly but steadily, she crumbles
Out of dessert, are we?

Pain bunches up
And oozes out of eye lids
Chest congests with old feels
And nostrils block
Am I really this stuck, this much in pain

This is my bubble
Which is my cage
As well as my haven
Let's not prick this tonite, shall we
Whatever it is, it's all I shall ever have