i'l take ma mind on a long ride
chew the stick of that lollipop till it makes me nauseatic
lie down on ma bed, look at the burst of colors in the sky
look at the boughs of the old coconut give up to the wind

watch ma skin go up in blisters as the sun pours down
one vehicle after another, spitting smoke on ma face

tho' i haven' reached a stalemate
life is just a lil sluggish
i'm running slow
breathing slow
...& i'm alive...

'coz that's all one can ever be!

PS: If at all I made you think, that this was just another shitty piece of poetry, you're mistaken
what you read was ma 200th post...!

Not Yet...

Am I calling it quits, finally?
Has rhythm abandoned me?
Am I not hungry for peace anymore?

When did I leave that desire to tip-toe thru’ the hours of dawn, on wet sunbathed sand and again turn back to count the toe prints?

But what irks me is why I did so, so passively, so sub-consciously?

Am I giving mundanity an upper hand in my life?Am I letting life carry me away on the same beaten path?

Whatever happened to the erstwhile me…whatever happened to Wildflower…!