I was the mirage you chased through all your life.
When dawn peeped through your window, I was the first ray to touch you as the sun poured in.
I was the petals of love you trampled under your foot when young.
The shelter you craved for as the mob chased you all along.
The music that healed your heart.
The winds that grazed your face when you stood all alone on the roof looking for yourself.
The first hint of old age, and the nearness of death.
No matter how far you were, I was always near by, mingled in the air you took in, the blood that ran in you.
In every instance of beauty and suffering you witnessed, I bear testimony to all the moments you lived through.
I was your life and your doom.
And look at what you did to me?
You left me weeping in some ghastly corner of time…me? Your soul?


Anonymous said...

wen ppl worthless desert ya , u shld b rather betta enthused n jubiliant , coz may b dey nevr understood ya essence , da insanity they hav endowed ya wid is al abt u widen ya evr increasin horizon lyf(read knowledge) u shld nevr inculcate any pain 4 ne such cynical sapien !

Amrita Sabat said...

beautifully written.

ur later post wher u write- 'lose urself in company of others'........dis is d prelude to dat.

our soul gives us strength, happiness. makes us believe dat life is wrthwhile.
we hav to hang on 2 our self-esteem. its d best thing but also one of d toughest things to forget all dat ws unpleasant & remembr all dat's been gud & pleasant in our lives.

bt dats d way we can hav d feel-gud factor wrking for us.:)