When I’m talking about abandoning myself to the darkness, I mean it.
I love solitude; I love feeling the mild breeze graze my face and hair.
I love darkness and loosing my existence walking stretches of never ending roads.
I love looking at the mountains merge into the night sky-blue and black
And yes of course, stars are my best friends
I would gaze at them, devour that vision of the star-studded sky till I die…
And talk to trees too…
I’m a nomad at heart

An empty mind is all I need…
A mind devoid of thoughts, memories
Everything fresh and me- emotionally rejuvenated
I want to live a good life-my way
Monotony frustrates me.

A heart sans pain is all I need

that's Me.


Amrita Sabat said...

wow......same here yaar.

even i lov sch a version of me- jst me.
& nt a care in d wrld........:)

Alok said...

actually sounds beautiful !!