before death

i might die in a few minutes. i am having a terrible heartache. if this is a real one, my heart might succumb. and then i was thinking the way i will be burnt. and then of the way, i will be gradually be wiped out of people's memories. of the things that are exclusively mine, like my cell phone, my computer, my bed, and many things alike, what would happen to them? there are many things that would die along with me. things that smell like me, things that have so much of me within them. people would fear my ghost. and who knows this is the last time i am blogging...


Mosilager said...

I always wonder what sort of footprint I'm leaving on the world. How soon will it get erased?

DirtyD0ggy said...

hmm so you are about to die ?? leave all your money your car etc with me b4 you die

Anonymous said...

@ dirtydoggy
how rude!
inhumane! :D
wildflower :P