with time...

I can see the wrinkles. No one else can. It’s not my face that has wrinkled, my mind has.

I will just give one instance. My eyes can sense less color these days. It’s rare that they find anything pleasing. Earlier I had typical feminine eyes, I was crazy about dresses. I was obsessed about them. And now, I walk through the malls like a zombie. I can’t make myself to like anything, anywhere.

Recently I went out shoe-shopping with papa. I went to some 20 odd shops. I liked none. From one shop to another, time refused to pass by. In and out of those air-conditioned rooms, into those sweaty, dusty lanes, I dragged my body along. Every half-hour passed by, more sluggishly than the previous one.

I was feeling more frustrated than usual. I wanted something. Anything that could please my eyes, my tongue. Gupchup wala!!! It was like a rescue ship for the marooned me. It was then that I felt relieved, the sour and hot as if enlivened my taste buds and all my senses along with it. I got into the last shop of the evening-got the first pair of shoes that could engage my eyes for more than 20 seconds. And got done with it. Ha!


prettyslyforabrownguy said...

Looks like ur on a unwanted extended holiday , that explains the loss of senses. :). More striking and commendable is the fact that uve been writing pretty regularly which I am pretty bad at, i guess it requires some sort of discipline :). Keep posting

ashish soni said...

hi friend
thnx for visiting my blog

Don't know what u r going through.... but what u have mentioned happens with many of us... leave it on time..everything will fall in place...u r still pretty young to worry about small things.... enjoy ur life...
take care

utkarsh said...

oh come on .. don't blame your wrinkles and freckles for no good shoes in the market .. what next .. blame the neighbour's long nose for the iraq war ?? :)
just kidding .. :)
its ok .. probably just a temporary thing .. time to rejuvinate with a vacation to some far off place .. :)

wildflower said...

uff!long name yaar...:P
yeah..hav nuthin better 2 do dan bloggin'...keep comin back

thanx :) it's a part n parcel of being human :|

oye, dat induced many a smilez...n m tryin to outgrow this fatigue like i hav overcome evrythin els':D

Prachee Mishra said...

hey there.....experienced wat u wrote about....in the begining even i had passed it off as unimportant....but it happens n may be for a lot of reasons...have u thought of urs?

wildflower said...

thanx for being here...at least der is anoder soul who feels like me...ppl thing it's kinda absurd :D

anyway, i think it's because, creative people have their minds pre-occupied with something or the other. and as i did nt have my mind on choosin good shoes for myself, i cudn't like any...pro'bly der was sumthin els cookin in ma skull :P