KP Special!

I dyed my fingers in flowers for you
Their color faded as they yearned for your touch

Every winter when the tree burst in full bloom
And the road leading home became fragrant with promises
All the while walking back alone
I peeped coyly from amongst my hair
To see if it was you, tiptoeing beside me

Every time it rained
And it got duskier and darker
The drops came down
And trickled down my window
I have wanted to feel you close, very close


anirudh said...

beautiful...makes ma heart miss a beat

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

beautiful :)
So well written :)

Rahul said...

very well written..
one doubt though...

"Every winter when the tree burst in full bloom
And the road leading home became fragrant with promises"

trees don't normally bloom in winter, neither is winter renowned for its promises..

If I were you, I might have considered changing it to spring or monsoon.. In fact, the last paragraph would fit more into the poem with "monsoon"

sorry for criticizing

wildflower said...

thanx for the feedback!
but u's not my fault
It's almost winter here...and there really is a tree that has bloomed beautifully! the fragrance of its flowers...makes that road pregnant with promises :)
It is the present scenario that inspired this poem, not the conventional...winter-spring thing...

wildflower said...

Anirudh & raaji
Thanx :)

mystic rose said...


relations said...

howr u..

again a piece of writing that can stop a world around sb..
and a new world is created instantaneouly, where everything is so beautiful..

things come and go in life but something remains which only multiplies as a tumor..
and a hope that things will change..

................your's entirely said...

hey u plagiarized that pic of mine....he he,just kiddin'.btw very nice piece again.

do drop by my blog....c ya :)

wildflower said...

@ mystic rose
:) thanx

@ relations
i cant believe that it's all so profound LoL
& thanks for visiting ...
Will always look forward to your comments
& Update your blog soon...would love to read more n more

@ ....your's entirely
you can plagiarize mine from now on...;)

Illeen said...

grt!!i relate..

wildflower said...

thanx illeen :)