after dark

before this

legs like beings of golden sheath. splashing in whirlpools of dark water. swimming backwards, spreading hands like wings of a butterfly. among scattered rays of the sun. in beams of light pouring from heaven. she floated. weightless. toward one corner of the pond where the shrub of hibiscus leaned over the water, like a lover. sultry silhouettes of her limbs, alongwith drunken waves, forming insane illusions. one half born flower, a bud as red as blood, snuck behind her ear, stayed there between curls of dripping mane. as she kissed drenched boughs and floating yellowed leaves. then, she swam away. that bud fell off midway, before she trespassed into the herd of water lilies. white, yet wild. plucked a few, she flirted, sucked from their succulent stems. for once, she looked like an apparition. as a lily emerged from her navel, the center of her being. 

either she hadn't sunk to death. or was born again. 


Surya Prakash V said...


(** apologizes, if that was an indecent thing to say **)
(** apologizes for invading privacy and not intruding the event **)
(** apologizes for the fetish for nakedness of being **)
(** apologizes for holding the hand back **)
(** apologizes for not telling you the lie of love in afterlife **)

Thank you, for holding on, and letting the memory die.

tan said...

not you.. so not you....

Ritika Gupta said...

i differ tanvi.. its so her..