There is a sect of people who are meant never to be satisfied. In love. No offense, meant or taken. This is just a fact stated, honestly. And nobody is to blame. Probably fate conspires to get the hearts of the captioned people  broken irreversibly as soon as there is love in sight. Or probably these people are devoid of that gene that produces contentment. Somehow, anyhow, they are perennially shattered. Angry. In waiting.

I once met a man such. And a woman such. And apparently were reflections of each other with a minor alteration of gender. Both equally venomous, spiteful misanthropic loners, without visible reason. Somewhat intimidating at times. With such prominent shades of grey that could turn into black in the span of a heart-beat.

Somehow, no credit to me though, they met. And I am so told, fell in love. Had this passionate dream like affair that lasted not more than months. Turbulent. Very turbulent. Too much information in public domain, I must say. But what can we do. Gossip mongers that we are. Their love was almost written about. Read out loud. Bitched back at.

But, all this before the inevitable happened. They weren't meant to be. Together or whatever. Too much friction happened, I must assume. The heat could have killed either. They unfastened like two mutually destructive forces could never coexist.

And later, not much later though, I happened. Unfortunately, aware. With the wisdom of all truths. A friend of both broken sides, anti parties. Keeping record. Negotiating with life's ill meant pathetic co-incidences. Fuck


Writefully Yours said...

Well, look at the brighter side...its better to do a commentary on someone else's life rather than our own!

WomanInLove said...

Ahh..was that woman me?

Sayantan, etc. said...

A crisply-timed post.

Happiness brews when love ferments, I believe. Too much of show-off and vanity-ridden babbling early into a relationship might pass as an entertaining publicity stunt in social spaces, but it only exposes the shallowness of feelings and gives others a chance to say/do whatever they want to.

Lucifer said...

can such people love...or is it a facade to hide smthn more dark, sinful?

Surya Prakash V said...


The bitterest pill I had to swallow was that when you think you belong to everyone; you actually belong to no-one. And someone who belongs to you now belongs to everyone.

Calls for poetic justice; something you can only balance with a single word: MINE.

This is unrelated to your post; and very banal to be acknowledged; but felt like telling you. I love filling this blank box in a desire for those intelligent eyes.


Surya Prakash V said...

Not sure if we create coincidences; or coincidences create us; but some of those are happy ones. The rest don't matter anymore.

Surya Prakash V said...

And all those here and everywhere else who question if such people can love; and wonder if they are shallow.

Take my pound of flesh if you must; but Here is are a couple of words for you: fuck you.

Raj said...

like charges repel. hence proved.

unlike attract. as they get pulled to u.