I've got to see you tonite.

You are my only way to you
The only way.
When you cut me out
I've got nowhere to go.
I know this sounds like prose already
But read deeply, it's a poem.

Miss you.
I miss you.
All day, I've been thinking, what to write
When I get back home
And couch on this chair
It must have been a composite of things

About you,
About how I need a haircut and my split ends
Or color them over the weekend, that you're not here
Or what people say about what I write
Rather, you don't know that I secretly write
And write about you.
You, all day.

How funny is that?

Also, you know another thing, preposterous.
Lazy ass
Dumb head.
How, thanks to you
and Me,

We haven't moved even a little bit from where we began
In whole entire years.
Days months weeks
Hours, seconds like these in which I type away

We haven't budged.
Gotten any closer or further.
Except exactly where we began

Or may be we are just elastic
No matter how far we stretch,
We come back,

Now, it feels stupid, somehow
Also the poem reads long and awkward.
So, just come home soon.
I've got to see you tonite.

PS: If you're still reading, this still is a poem. 


Raajii said...

This is beautiful.

Also, reminds me of one of my favorite Norah Jones songs: I'v got to see you again.

You might like it if you havent heard it before :)

wildflower said...

I have, and love it. In fact it was playing as I wrote this.. :)

anirudh said...

beautiful... as wow...!!

Aditi WS said...

Wow... I mean wow... Trolling the web for blogs today and finding such wonderful writing out there. Truly inspiring. :)

Krish said...

Don't want to get blasted for saying it, but your prose is more poetic than this.*hiding my face a little bit* [PS: Wanted to write this comment before, but avoided it. Just now read another blog that says you turned moderation off as no one cares to oppose what you write. So, I have been empowered to be slightly meaner]