Bed of Lies

We lie to save ourselves. We sugarcoat, slip our tongues on bare truths. We lie out of not knowing for certain. We lie to hide the truth. We lie to hide another lie. Lie in love. Lie to the one we love. We lie at home, to the only ones we own. We lie at work to save our ass. We come up with excuses and explanations. For not turning up, for not making time. To keep our character un-tarnished. We lie in pity for ourselves to begin with. And then we become svelte liars. We mouth lies like they were truths. One after the other. Like smooth like cream. Without one hiccup. We keep going on, sometimes we lie much more than required.

I lie a lot these days. My conscious is built of water tight chambers set apart from each other, making up the whole, which is my mind. I be with people, who do not know absolutely anything about each other. I strive they don't meet or match notes. I have hardly one confidant. Or two. The rest, are a bunch of people, who I expect not to cross check the lies I sell to them, day in and day out. 

The trick to becoming a seasoned liar is to be assume that that lie is the only truth. Not merely assuming would do sometimes, you have to believe the lie you utter, if you want it to be bought. 

I try to consciously believe in mine, and end up doing it so good, that the truth escapes my memory. It's only ridiculous, but every night I lay on my bed of lies, I see the beautiful truth that I am, become oblivious. 


WomanInLove said...
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WomanInLove said...

Thats sad cos there is so much beauty in not lying

wildflower said...

Somehow I could never get that unhinged in life, because I loved the cage in lived in. Now I am lying my way out of it.

Krish said...

You think a few times about a lie and you start believing in it. Come to think of it, I am pretty disappointed most of what we think of ourselves is a beautiful lie. So, world starts from a cold bed of lies. Good to be reminded of it though.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to lie in order to exist. Those water tight chambers you mention, set apart from each other making up the whole which is your mind. I would love to be able to see the whole...I see you, the real you, and I love and understand the person you are. I guess, if the truth be known, you are my 'soul mate' and Ive always loved you and always will. I will always wish the best for you, and I hope that all your dreams come true. I will never stop loving you!
..With all me best wishes,
Take care, God bless and be well!
Karna xoxo
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wildflower said...

Do you want me to delete it? It's been read.. Delete it yourself