chalance nonchalance

Erase all preconceived severely convoluted concern. Like no preconditions existed. As if the space before and after this moment was dead. This minute, this hour, tonite. This shy moonless evening. Kick the long term purpose of life. There is none, anyway. Except for the sum of these tiny ones. Dwell in this new found freedom. Forget. And let exactly your whim drive you. Only that. To whoever it wants you to. Shiver not.

Nice feel, in't it? Ah, very nice oh. 


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

But that is when I am selfish. I am trying not to be one.

Enigmatic Soul said...

I would love to do that on a regular basis. It is liberating. And I don't think it makes one selfish because indulging in one's whims and passions and living in the present moment without the past grudges and future worries is truly living the life. I would like to copy your post off and read it everyday. Thank you for such a brilliant idea.

Surya Prakash V said...

Purpose: Something you have to earn every second of your life.

Corollary: Every second you have a choice.

Deduction: To live without a purpose is a bigger purpose than the choice one has to make.