We are little children, writing names on dusty windshields of cars
Our fingers reaching up, running through layers of grey powdered powder
Parting clean lines, forming letters for the first time.

The sun smiling on our faces in return,
Our bare muscles just don't know how to rest
Because there is nothing that is forbidden.

Our memory, ethereal
Merging reflections of now and then
We ain't bound to remember or abide by

There's stars above, glittering..millions of those
Scores of unnamed galaxies
And the mystery inside us, you and me, Un-unravelable. 

A sea sits calm beneath our settled feet
And the stars see themselves in it and smile,
Creating a new sky underneath.

We, utterly sandwiched between two skies
Move so on and so forth, 
Gathering love, momentum, rhyme 

Our hearts leap, 
Glee, in the corner of my lip;
The endorphins in my head. 

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