Another Obscure Sorrow

I thought about,
Coming to bed with a glass of
And I forgot, whoever does that?

I chase street lights at dusk
Let dust settle on me
And watch days pass me by
Nights, more so

I leave thoughts unattended
Let love hover over me,
Like a bee, and then
It just scares me away

I let my feet crack
And I eventually run out of creams
See my dull skin, in yellow bedroom light
I see I am suddenly older

I abandon books midway,
So unfair, this
And sometimes I take my time, own sweet
When I finish, I forget the beginnings

Sometimes I yearn for a past reader
You know, an oracle
Who reminds us of our memories
Because life, like a cannibal, eats itself away so thoughtlessly


Preeti S. said...

This is beautiful. Each and every line. So much to relate to. The perceptions changing, and that kind of heightened understanding of self which doesn't leave you any additional comfort at the end of it.

It's great to come back to your blog and read your work again. :)

wildflower said...

This is not work. Anything but work. :) But thanks!