Cost of a Poem

How much is the cost of a poem
I wonder
But wondering not allowed, I know
It's Zero

It costs nothing. It values nothing
Ain't nobody gonna buy your poem hon
For there are thousands of others
And no one's gonna wanna read this shit

But I could approximate
It costs fifteen bucks.
Cost of the cigarette that induces it
Plus the taxes

Sitting on your ageing ass
Staring into semi lit April night
Alone in the balcony
Of a suburban one bedroom

Smoking and thinking of the
Many many thoughts you missed
Living an ordinary life like this
You decide to not deny yourself, from being who you truly be

And write a poem at the end of the day
But does it matter
When there are thousands like you
Poetry ain't ever gonna get you a buck

You're gonna be sitting on your ageing ass
Watching the fifteen bucks go up in smoke
Alone and denying yourself further
Don't know from what exactly though

So S-T-O-P
Cease this relentless embarrassment
Quit. Leave it. White out


Vagabond said...


people still lap it up, so DO NOT CALL IT SHIT!

Love you Duggu! =*

Anonymous said...

You and your poems are so priceless. Alas, the cost of a tormented soul.