As you know I

As you know me
Quaint woman I be,
Slightly aloof
Always hungry, perhaps
But mostly aloof, very

Lost, in a world within a world
With the fear of everyday
Every hour
Paralysed with mere shame, of being herself

When you focus on me
For a moment or half, inadvertently
You wonder
Why she be the way she be

She could be alright
What could be so massively wrong
With this woman
Why ain't she normal, just

Then you try to
Figure me out
One night when I am drunk
Or, when I am quipping literature, or
When I'm blurting about my favourite TV character

You lose interest
Look away
Find other things,
More engaging
Less outrightly taxing, unrewarding

Just about then
I look at you again
Return the look that is
It's not my first time
You know; I be who I be

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, have you ever thought that it may be the world and others that are insane, and that you are just simply normal.