hav nuthin' much 2 say

It has been quite a few days that I have not written anything. Nothing at all. I have stopped blogging altogether. Today that I am a little lonely and I felt like giving a face to whatever my heart felt, so you have this entry here. That’s what exactly happens. I tend to stop talking to myself when I am not alone. I always lose myself in company and in a crowd, invariably. Doesn’t matter! It’s rare that I am blessed with company of my kind. My soul-mates are scarce, extinct. Well! I am almost an online agony-aunt. Phew!
But recently I met an agony-unc. Someone who did show me some light. And that’s why (most probably) I am lonely now. He isn’t there. The absence of ma agony-unc does matter, I have come to know. And that’s why I fell back on an old friend- ma diary. Just that I have lost track of what I wanted to write…


Smruti Ranjan said...

i agree..loneliness sucks a lot
but we always discover ourselves from loneliness..
hey but one doubt..
why the agony-unc is named so..

nice post.

Amrita Sabat said...


gud thing dat Agony Unc ws missing.
ur blog got a much awaited post from d 'agony-aunt'!!!