today, my blog completes a year...exactly 365 days ago, i had grown emotional enough to pen down a poem for someone special. i published it. no one read it. and then after, i blogged about everything i felt strongly for,...n lemme tell you, blogging feels good...doesn't it?


utkarsh said...

he he .. its your blog's first birthday(happy vala) .. :)
now .. let me go back and read that poem of yours :)

Ed said...

happy blog's birthday.

That sounds so lame but nonetheless, you are absolutely right on one thing. Blogging makes you feel good.

ashish soni said...

happy b'day to your blog

you are right...blogging is really cool...i too feel relaxed whenever i share my emotions with my blog


wildflower said...

ya, look at the post above this 1, i was feeling so damn distressed before i wrote that"on death"...and now that i hav put it down in black and white, i feel a lil lighter...u r so very right my friend :)

dosnt sound lame...c'mon, our blogs are reflections of's like a friend...rite?

so? did u go there and give it a read? :D

Amrita Sabat said...

happy b'de 2 u.

d blog is as mch of u as can ever be.

hai na?!:)

lov u & ur writings. may U win d Nobel one day. my best wishes r with U.:)

wildflower said...

lov u 2 dear...u inspire me..keep comin back, l write 4 u :)