The Problem of Choice

Whenever life has bestowed upon me the luxury of choice, I
have invariably longed for the one that's not so good.
Way back in school, from I had chosen Oriya instead of
Sanskrit. My excuse was that I actually loved the former.
My love fetched me a mere 83 in boards. Sankrit guys
crushed me with their thunderous 99s.

In college I chose Biology to Statistics for reasons known
only to the holy heavens. I loved Biology? no-no! I took it
because it was tougher. Yah! I'm attracted to tough things
(no pun intended...) But one thing I would remember for the
rest of my life was cramming the morphology of the human
brain on my scooty, on my way to the exam hall.

Later in engineering, I 'preferred' Electrical to Computer
Science. For some godforsaken senior quitely whispered into
my ears that the Compsci Dept wasn't up-to-d-mark! But I
never cared to find out what the Electrical Dept was like

Now, I have slogged for four long years. No, I actually
macerated! Plus, ended up with nothing in my hands...!

So all the conscious choices I made, ditched me. They
ditched me hard & bad. But I was not convinced by history
repeating itself over and over again.

I did it again. I made the absurd choice of love. But the love
dumped me too.

But the most pathetic thing of all things is that I don't have
any regrets. yup! Absolutely none...I have absolutely loved
learning things the hard waY!


Amrita Sabat said...

u r lying wildflower.:)
ur love cannot dump u. if sumbody has, then he sure wasn't ur love. u jst thot dat u wer 'in lov' but dat ws lies. coz true love can nvr b dumped- from ur side or from his.
:) only d one who is worthy of us and who deserves us, will get us.:)

Smruti Ranjan said...

shit happens
the underline story is, our decisions should always be made based on facts and not opinions.

relations said...


you did not 'love' by CHOICE..
did u..

ani said...

no regrets is a life well lived wildflower! its a life u learnt from! and isnt that what matters??

d SINNER!!! said...

this one made me smile...

keep living like that n enjoy...ur success, ur mistakes....after all they are urs

wildflower said...

@ amrita taught me how not to believe in fairy tales...!

@ smruti
ahan... :D

@ relations jus happens...INVOLUNTARILY!

@ ani

@ sinner
I'm so in love wid maself ... :) & so are you.. m sure

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

So long as you don't regret. All these supposedly mistakes, shouldn't even cross your mind. :)