All of it still lives
the innocence in my eyes
the undying patience to see you home

i still cage vivid memories of your face
the promises that you silently made

the assurance in your voice, when we met last

the way my heart paced
when your fingers slipped out of mine
the one final time....

nothing's changed, take my word

rub a li'l below my scars
and you'l get wounds as fresh
as you left them

No time can heal them
It's all safe & intact
In the chambers of my heart



--xh-- said...

yeah.. teh chamber of heart keeps many wounds sealed... and those who have key to it... hope never misuses it...

anirudh said...


anirudh said...


Standbymind said...

Nicely penned!!


d SINNER!!! said...

:) initially I expected another love poem, the ending para actually surprised me...

good one..

wildflower said...

@ everyone

:) thanxx