sigh time passes so fast
i wish i met you before
wish i could've loved you more
one more winter of hands held

you owe me umpteen dances in the rain
and i owe you a thousand splendid smiles

but tis now we depart
half said words
having half loved each other
tis a lon' life you know
and life will outlive our memories

memories of the dew-kissed yellow chrysanthemum
memories of lon' summer afternoons
of cracks in the walls
memories of a dead youth
& even so much more
won't last me a year long
life, tis too long

memories will give way to pain
to a subtle ache that'l persist
in shy corners of my heart
once we depart, my sweetheart!

~now u, forgive my crazy poetry~


kunal said...

haha.. it was really crazy poetry.. but i loved its craziness.

anirudh said...

beautiful.... simply beautiful

................your's entirely said...

NICE....I liked it....How r u?

Illeen said...

Well if it's crazy,then i love the way it is.. parts of it were awesome.

wildflower said...

@ kunal

@ anirudh
sigh.long sigh!

@ your's entirely
how cud i be anythin but good...how u :)

@ illeen
yes..i know ..parts of it had inputs of great passion frm the poet's side