Inching away

A creek in the sea. Distant lighthouse. Dilapidated..on a receding winter afternoon. An aimless walk, sans any thought/emotion. You know the story.

A gentle reminder of the worthlessness. Besides, the siesta breeze. Blue waves, now a few minutes away. Crashing like mad men on unforgiving rocks. You can hear the failed water, give up in a spray and return.

Lovers in distant ships, must look at the lighthouse. Pity its lifeless existence. While they float away for new shores. No one cares about what's leave behind. That's the remnant.

I feel breathless pants of woe, as you inch away. It hurts so much. I want to shrink into a tiny ball, and disappear.

Because things I can't explain are taking such a toll on me. Because no one can make me understand that this is only for the better. And nothing, nothing at all, can fathom my terror of being this absolutely alone. 


Aurora said...

kya lekar aae ho.. kya leke jaoge :P :P

Surya Prakash V said...


Some lovers know hatred. Some water gains momentum before being pushed back to the rocks. Some light houses are a relic of the old world charm.

And sometimes, I can only hear the cries of help, not hatred in the hardness of the rocks.

Good integrated writing.

Surya Prakash V said...

Just when the mind clings; it's time to move on. You are either on the ship or on the shore.

Sometimes in dead of night, I cast my eye far off and all around; some call it a beacon of light; but I know it's a selfish respite.

I am the rock or mortar, that has learnt to walk.

arvind said...

its a small sharing.. enjoy..

Pearl said...

Oh how I love this post! Oh how I love this post! :)