How slim are the odds?

The odds are very slim. The odds of something that you want to happen, for it to actually happen, in flesh and blood, the odds are very very slim. Almost non existent. Almost ridiculous. Believing in those odds, makes me feel like some practical joke inside of a pessimist's mind. And I realize this, time and again, whenever I close my eyes and make a wish. Because, everywhere deep down I know. I know, my guts know, that it's not going to happen. The thin threads of my prayer, are entangled, amidst the concocted realities of life. So the wish is killed.

But there is another way. It's an escapists', pardon me. But nevertheless. When you wish for something, anything, close your eyes, such that, no light of truth dares to enter inside. And imagine. Imagine like you're living it. Live it, like you are not imagining it anymore. Like one life inside another, contradictory though, but fantastically co-existent. Whatever it is that you wanted to happen. Give in to it. Believe what you see is real, for whatever minutes you're cut off. Don't let guilt or cowardice scare you away.

I did. And then I saw him everywhere. At bus stops. In airports. In shopping malls. Book stores. Yeah, most particularly book stores. In the rain, sun, biting cold, whatever. Whereever. I saw him, with shut eyes. Heard him when he was nowhere around. He wasn't. He couldn't be. But I did.

..And suddenly, the odds weren't slim anymore.


Vagabond said...

Makes the world all the more difficult to live in.

Surya Prakash V said...

For a length of time I was in lobe with Improbability drive of "heart of gold" from hitchhikers guide to galaxy.

Now, much of everything in life seems humorous; can't stop smiling.

Give it time and the illusion cuts itself with itself into infinite halves, a layer so slim that it no longer exists ;)

jnana said...


I shall now blame you for all the illusions I will see

Tan said...

And imagine. Imagine like you're living it. Live it, like you are not imagining it

done that over and over again.. love doing it...

................your's entirely said...

All I can say is everyone has their way....n this is yours....less painful...more unrealistic...
Take Care

wildflower said...


It's accepting what can't ever be that makes it easier for me. May be that makes me more of a loser. Hence.


Games your words play. Touche.


Pleasure's all mine!


That's a get away. The only one, infact.


:) I will, you too!