There is this room, where souls bond. Floors of mosaic, tip toed upon, lazy feet pushed, fingers slid between fingers and seduced. There is this room, with no windows. No skylights. Just four walls. Four walls that cage as much as they free. That let ignominy swallow you as much as they enlighten. This is where contradictions coexist.

From the outside, it is hard even merely to imagine that such a place could come to be.

It's like some encapsulated reality, in a capsule, which exists from the inside and other crazy things like that. Threads of connections between beings, are formed, nurtured, and shattered. Irrational, unexplainable bonds rooted in raw needs. The honesty in those bonds is almost sacred. There is no pretension in those chords that tie. And untie. Almost as immediately as that thirst is quenched, the knots are opened up. Disentangled. Free to go.

But for as long as there is that inseparability, there is no questions asked. No answers sought.

Again, did somebody ever say, there was more honesty in lust than in love itself. Or did I just imagine. Being told so.


Surya Prakash V said...

I told so; but then such is youth.

Love is loosely defined by everything it's not; not as a thing in itself. Which is where the errors of honesty and trust creep in various masks.

Lust is. Body is. A touch of reality and existence.

lost girl said...


................your's entirely said...

You are just ...I don't know ...too good with words !

randy said...

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SilentSea said...

I know it probably wasn't intended but it seems like my whole city has risen within those four walls. And no windows.

Harshita Chouhan said...

Came here by chance and needless to say you write some of the subtlest things very beautifully.

About the L word, I guess love doubts, falters, and even falls flat at times :) Lust may be honest when it is, but its fleeting. Love sustains, when it does, and touches the soul. If lust is the rainstorm, love is the air :)

Anonymous said...

aaahh the entangled Ls.. four letters.. different meanings.. so enticing.. tempting.. one always over powers the other.. somehow..

wildflower said...


I love that unusual full stop. That unexpected halt of speech!


Hmm? What about it.


It's not much good use. We all get to know that some day.


I know how that city gets built, brick by brick. A whole entire world that is made of nothing, and can vanish in a wink. But still is.


Also, love needs to stand the test of lust. And vice versa.



Merlin said...

Lust is always more honest. Because it is raw. It is Undisguised. Uninhibited. There are no hidden motivations. No deceptions. No games. You won't ever get cheated in lust... unlike love :)

Pooh said...

Lust can never have honesty. Hear it from the guys. Except 'the one' who might not agree. But blah, he doesn't even exist.