How long could be a year?
As long as the pain in the breath lasts. 
As long as memory doesn't fade away. 
As long as the scathe of the ridiculous mistake of love,

A year feels like one complete cycle of life. 
One run of each season.
Summer, winter.
Monsoon, mother of them all. 

A year loops across all the days that we remember 
To celebrate.
One birthday.
New year. 
Days of love.
Fake anniversaries of confessions of affection.
Approximate memories of first kisses. 

A year also marks those numerous insignificant days.
Hundreds of them.
Sundays you sat on the balcony, 
and watched time pass under your nose.
Weeks of meaningless slogging. 
Nights of realizing how real this deadlock was. 

Accidental discoveries of favorite songs.
Pictures taken and forgotten about.
Mugs and mugs of coffee.
Stolen glasses of wine. 
And other cheap intoxication.

Whining of being unread,
Being unheard of.
Moving toward death,

Such other nuances of life.
One whole year. 
Do you care?
How long a year could be. 
It could pass in a jiffy.

But this one, just doesn't go. 

Pictures often limit imagination. So, don't let this one tie you down for one. 

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Jolene said...

It can be as long as 365 days.

wildflower said...

I take that in good humor.

Ankur said...

Hang on tight...
The end is almost in sight !
You covered the bling and the nuances, with such bittersweet alacrity :)

prateek mathur said...