On an unknown night, lost on the calender, chasing cars into dawn, undoing piles of dust on the highway. You suddenly have a realization. That you are in a relationship. Don't get me wrong. A wise friend of mine had once told me, this thing works out after there is nothing to look forward to. After you have raised your hands up to the sky and asked the gods to get lost. After you have considered a volatile possibility of spending the entire life mostly alone with patches of company, here and there. After the biggest love of your life has betrayed you and left you scarred. You have a sudden realization, that you may have just gotten into something serious, just about when, you were inclined to think that everything was over. You begin again, with a certain someone, who you have no idea where he was, when you were getting fucked all the way along. Who tends to be right. Tends to..

Just when you give up hope, hope begets you.

Just when you begin to wonder if love is a flawed perfection that could never happen to you, you see that it's not. How ironical is that? And however ironical that may be, it's amazing.

Every first is as amazing. And so is the first relationship. Amen! 


venusplus said...

This is indeed how it feels.

Krish said...

A compromise you mean?

wildflower said...

Yupz :)

Not this one. This feels much like life!

Noor Ali said...