Last Name

Now I'm sitting in a corner, hidden
And sulking
Again, I am laughing at the memory of that moment
Suddenly, it is years ago

Here is a sunrise by a pond
Then the bare branches of autumn
Colors of April
Waves of the sea, and my toes

Do you realise,
How swiftly,
Our existence merges and emerges from Illusion
And vice versa

A bunch of memories
Will soon become a collectable
The dearth of words for a poem
A distant feeling to recall.

Amongst the scores and scores of days
We live through and worry endlessly about
Only few will make it to the album of life,
When we die and move on

Something which was so heartbreaking then
Doesn't mean a dime anymore.
Come to think of it,
What was his last name again?

Wasn't Frost right,
When he said that.
'It goes on'
Wasn't he now

So, live in love
Die with your eyes closed
And heart open.
Also, write a dozen insane poetry.


N!V said...

Your words feel like food to soul. Always.

Anonymous said...

You know what, this rings so true and says a lot.. I can totally relate to this *sigh*
You what they say don't you... 'The end result is, prices of nothing'. [sorry to go all depressive on you].

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my dyslexic writting (Lol).
I meant to write.. Pieces of nothing.
(I have banana fingers and my iPad turns my words into something else :( ...mea culpa).
..and while where at it.. I missed out the 'know' in the second line down, second word across [Oh God, I sound like a blomin' crossword pussle [Lol].. Okay, not fair.. don't laugh at me (I know you're laughing).
Okay, I guess.. permission granted to laugh :)
You may resume the laughter (smile).