Scattered Soul

I left my soul at the mouth of the river. In my old room, standing aloft on the third floor beside pines. I left a chunk of it on the balcony of his new home. Also a bit of it in the wilderness I never could go to. A piece of it, on the scattered skies above the earth I slept on, gazing up. I left my soul inside the God of Small Things. In the diary made of pure bamboo pulp and on it as a spot of blotched ink. I left my soul in the wind at Lovers' Point. I abandoned a slice of it, back in the darkness which I smoked. Bit by bit in the curls of fume that escaped my mouth. In the sweat and breath of strangers. In the eyes of the men who stared. At breasts, at legs. I lost a bit of her in the minds of men who read my poems. And a few compassionate women, it would be unfair not to say. On the edges of my broken nails, and upon the roofs I wanted to leap down from. Last, on the chair I drank coffee on alone, and thought of writing this poem. Each of these places, keep a piece of my soul, frozen, un-agile. In comatose. In original specimen, undiluted, unashamed, described by other similar adjectives. But most of all, I left my soul, the last time I saw her, on his bed. On his bed. Yeah.

#NowPlaying - Shakira, after a long long time. 


Surya Prakash V said...

Pain split you everytime within?

Surya Prakash V said...

Or is it just nostalgia?

Amrita Sabat said...

Ur trademark writing....good one!
I've nominated U for sunshine blog award! Congrats! Plz visit this link asap!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

How much is still left?

Blasphemous Aesthete

wildflower said...

@ V, this is just nostalgia. I am already split within.

@ Amrita, thank you.. But sunshine and me? :P

@ Anshul, pretty much all of it. We recover, our souls grow back like a lizard's tail.