Today is a pi day. Pi. Like the number. Twentysecondofjuly. 22/7. Indivisible. Irrational. Infinite. For some reason, I had been waiting for today. To make something special happen. Something worth a memory. Like a handmade card of sun-dried petals and grass, framed beneath a sheet of cellophane. Glassy, dreamy, yet earthy. That's what life should be, right. An exact mixture of illusion and reality. A subtle compromise amongst who you are and who you choose to be. I am taking baby steps. Yes, baby steps. Toward becoming this exact mixture. Being the right blend of strength and frailty. Striking a negotiable trade-off between idiosyncrasy and love. Between brooding and company. A median of richness and penury. 


Preeti S. said...

Most of us are trying our best to walk the thin line between the two extremes, not to fall over in either direction and be deprived of the other. Beautifully penned.

Sangeeta said...

I really appreciate your passion for blogging regularly Durgesh :)..Hats off !!

Surya Prakash V said...

Vanity is always comparing. "How manly am I" ; "How womanly". We frame those elaborate rules and rituals as a "measure".

Then there is the median. Pi. Every rule breaks down. Measurement tends to infinity between two very finite points.