A Poem for Irrefutable Sadness

Something devastating must've happened.
Else why do I feel the way I feel.
Things must be fine in a parallel world.
Wherein time ticks in a different fashion.

Isn't most things crumbling as I speak.
It's a catastrophe in this world, may be.
Dreams being crushed, ruthlessly.
Too much for a mortal to handle.

So many handicaps to be ashamed of,
And so many smokes needed, there by.
Can't take this no more.
Now that everything has come to nothing. Zilch.

1 comment:

Cynics Twist said...

Lovely writing - always appreciate poems :)

Resonates with any number of my thoughts, mostly based out of a singular experience of sadness. One that remains within us, no matter how much sunshine we face. A deep ache that refuses to let go; often times when we see a familiar sight, smell a smell or hear a familiar sound..