this was some years ago when i ws reading one of the lovliest things ever written...

i am loving da alchemist,just fallen in love with’s a great book.a book of books.every sentence is quotable.i have reached da significant phase in wich da boy meets da alchemist.n I hav fallen in love,deeply,wid da alchemist-clad in black,from head to toe,his face hidden in a kerchief ,exposing only his eyes-enuf to murder me,his eyes have the strenght of his soul.i can die for such a man.he rides da white horse,a falcon seated on his arm.braving da winds of da capricious desert,tearing all da sand dunes to nothingness,my alchemist is da winner of winners,he is the soul of the world,hez is never gonna die—my latest crush dat hez is more dan two hundred years old.he can drag lyf outta da most lyfless of holes in da stoniest of deserts.da venom of da cobra can’t even kill him.nothing can vanquish him.oh dear alchemist—owner of da panacea/exilir of lyf,possessor of da philosopher’s stone,scholar of the soul of da world,master of the language of da world,guide of da follower of dreamz…luvya

n of cors I can visualise da desert,da thirsty desert,da dead desert,da infinte desert shez just lyk me I hav bn told-shez is a capricious lady n a lot more.i hav let myself know dat da desert can b loved but never trusted.i can form images of da olive eyed fatima,da desert woman,whose mission is to await her man,bravely facing all dat cums her way,arming man wid da courage of her patience he lets him go and win against all da odds dat da desert.da woman of da desert.luv never stops one from pursuing his destiny.if it does den it’s nt a tru1 .


Smruti Ranjan said...

I completely agree with u
alchemist is truly an inspiring book for the ppl who live to follow their dreams and lead a path rarely taken.
I guess, u'll find the book Jonathon livingston seagull by Richard Bach more interesting.

Amrita Sabat said...

wat a coincidence!
i read jonathan livingstone seagull 2de only!!
well, alchemist will alwez b close 2 my heart.
'wen u want sumthin real hard, the whole Universe will conspire for u to get it'.:)