There is a relationship between a man and a woman, which is neither friendship nor love. But a little of both. It’s hung somewhere in the middle. Yeah! “Hung”! Mostly it would collapse into neither –friendship nor love.
But here is the person with whom you can talk about absolutely anything and everything.
Despite the various innumerable prejudices in our society, I have seen many a relationships as these.
It could be pure fun if it’s sans commitment and long-term expectations. This is the “in”-thing today. I doubt how many of you would agree…
But how you gonna introduce this friend err…boy friend…err.. friend of yours to the world? Gawd!!! I am in a soup!!!

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Amrita Sabat said...

u r right.
but i mst say dat if u've found sum1 whom u cn tell nething & everything- u r really fortunate.