Dear Men

Dear men
You and I cannot co-exist. We just can’t. I dread thinking of the future when I would have to work with you guys. Because an all female work place is an impossibility of the nth degree.
I just can’t befriend men. Or rather I don’t have enough of salt in me to. Or probably there are quick bitches who never give me a chance to do so. I don’t want to appear either inviting or available. That tarnishes the A--factor.
I don’t want to confess that I hate you all, but you know I do. It shows on y face, doesn’t it?
I can’t let my eyes see a dwindling number of females everywhere. In this place presently it is a horrendous 1:12 ratio. We live as if we are a part of the walls. As if we merge with the background. I can’t hate anything more than this.
I used to be a great advocate of gender equality. Of men and women brushing shoulders with each other. I am afraid I might turn into a feminist. You and I can’t co-exist.

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