Is it Valentine's Day today?

Guy: Two decades antique.
Newborn poet.
Thinks the ones of his kind are rare,
avoids talking
about his idiosyncratic passions.
Crazy in love.
Pities himself, failure in love's
made him a lot
more cynical

Girl: A year elder than the guy.
Almost Beautiful.
Somewhat visible anorexic dark circles around the small eyes.
Sunsilk hair, looks like it's been thoroughly ironed.
Walks with a gait that particularly makes her waist swing
Doesn't understand the existence of lunatic lovers, pro'ly
And allow me to say kinda sexy? Or well the sub-species of
human females, that men like to be around/

Story: The Guy falls in love( you never rise in love, only 'fall') with the girl at first sight.Doesn't even try to find out about what she exactly is like.
Reasons? No reasons...when when your hormones are running hot, there is no place for reasons.She is a Goddess. The stuff his dreams are made off The next thing he does is write elaborate love letters... send roses her way...
The girl keeps mum, keeps him waiting and guessing.
And this continues, till she finds another stud of a man...

Story Further: Guy has stopped roses and letters, it hurts him to see his lady love go around with the other guy
Time hurts, Love hurts, Life hurts
And he loves that hurt
Because, the thing that you still get hurt, proves that you are still in love

Now: This Valentine's Day, he sends her a card that reads something like 'If you turn back, you will find me waiting where you had left me, alone and gazing at the stars...and definitely writing a poem on you'. It doesn't have his name...just says..Silent Admirer. Does the girl spare that a second thought? We don't know...!

Moral of the Story:
Does this sound like a story to you? It's life. Did the guy waste his precious love on a chic like that? And more importantly, the way he thought her to be one piece of art, did she deserve it? The way he spent sleepless nights, writing her notes...was all that worth it? And all the hurt he got in return...?


Deepika said...

well if that's not a story but life then i reckon that guy must have got a nice taste of one the mournful surprises of life. However the setting reminds me of a dialogue fron Tum bin, sounds hokey though but can be applied here; pyaar kiya hai toh zaroori nahin hai ki mil hi jaaye woh aapko.
what say??

d SINNER!!! said...

Ur right @ the point that the story is itself life...and after all, we believe it or not, each life has its own distinct story, even if we generalize them...

Andr thot, next time u can always put the girl in the boy's shoes and the boy in the girl's shoes...thats life as well...:)

losers 'genders' are at both ends...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

these are the kind of questions I struggle with. If you ever find out, please let me know what the answers are... I could surely use them :)
Thoughtful post.
i love reading your blog!

maverick said...

thts the story of d guy next door :)

Abhay said...

nice...liked the 'silent admirer' description, was apt. but as u say, being a loser is'nt gender specific, although i agree wid the fact that the 'male loser' stories are publicized a lot more.

Pri said...

no answers to this yet to figure...
guess noone is to blame except as they say 'the whole bloody situation'!!

Pri said...

no answers to this yet to figure...
guess noone is to blame except as they say 'the whole bloody situation'!! *sarcastic laugh*

Sunil said...

nice *story* or is that life? i bet it is.

probably the guy was a bit too romantic in his greener days ;) but then a couple of years could always add some wordly wisdom into his head and force him to see the world with a new eye. desert his life of all the things he thought made life worth living. force him to see every girl with as much hatred as he had love for the girl. be cynical and all that. of course that *is* life.

i pity the guy who is still waiting in line for her... guess he loved her too much...but did the girl ( who didnt even acknowledge his love forget about accepting ) deserve his love... thats what you have not answered...thats what probably the guy would like to know.

i guess i am getting too involved with the story. hehe... i think the story was close to my heart. i will surely write a blog on it sometime.

wildflower said...

@ deepika
Yeah, and that we love with all our heart matterz :) chahe woh mile ya na mile..apna to kuch aisa hi funda hai !!

@ d sinner & abhay
yes../tho' not that publicized, but we also have female losers around..u can trust me wid dis ;)

@ raaji
i will find the answers the day I fall in love, and from then on...i shall abandon writing...

@ maverick
yea..also the girl next door...

@ pri
I blame nobody...what if the girl doesnt jus like da guy...wot's her fault? jus the bloody situations as u have said//

@ sunil
you have hardly left anything for me to say..but one thing

Being good at heart makes you worthy of love....!

wildflower said...

A beautiful heart makes anyone worthy of love. How should it matter whether we get loved in return or not?/

And people, this is the first time, i tried to sympathise wid a man...and did i do dat well??

skeptic saint said...

hey i joined blogspot...heres my profile...


d SINNER!!! said...

yep....well enough:)

Devil's Advocate said...

All was well till the guy sent her letter,even dat was ok, but stating he'll b waiting for her?????? Wat for? is there no thing like self-respect in his life? It sounds awesome to say "one will wait forever because one's love is pure", in actuality, its crap. once da gal is wid sum other guy, move on buddy,dnt act like a loser.
reminds me of dat song "sabse peeche hum khade"....amazing to listen to, full of loser traits in meaning.

Mez said...

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The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

Poor sucker for love.. can't blame him for becoming a cynic.. though there's no rule that being a cynic also means you acquire wisdom.. as his case truly demonstrates..

Why are we men always suckers for love.. and the women..can't live with them can't live without them the only way is to learn to survive them..

vitruvian said...

well the guy is too sappy for the world in the present day and age..

but everyone has the right to make their own choices..
but u are right...this happens too often these days..

relations said...


of course its not a story..its


life of many..
and she deserves every thing every thought of that guy because he LOVES her..

and the last thing the guy needs is sympathy..

one more thing..very delicately written..

wildflower said...

@ d sinner
tx..tx...! *bow*bow*

@ devil's advocate
When you are chasing someone you love so dearly, more than anything what matters to you is 'having' the person as yours. Love puts you in situations where it is tough to keep your self respect intact.

@ hermit of wondering thoughts

Why are we men always suckers for love.. and the women..can't live with them can't live without them the only way is to learn to survive them..!

Quite a confession I see...Glad you made it here :)

@ vitruvian
So often, that one can't rely on the feeling of love anymore.. :(

@ relations

And thanxx :D

skeptic saint said...

hey go through ma updated...

Amrita Sabat said...

well u won't believe this bt i hv met a guy who has EXACTLY d same story. he loved her & she loved him till d ACTUAL man of her dreams came along & she dumped him. he still craves for her, still spills his anger and frustration on the ppl & wrld around him, still thinks of her every night sleeping jst 3 hrs.........the only thing that can b said is- Love is when IRRATIONALITY takes over Ur Rational self.....overriding it completely so dat U dnt mind crushing ur Rationality- in fact U feel happy to trample & kill it, coz U r IRRATIONAL, & nothing els matters.

Standbymind said...

If there wouldnt have been love..n betryal..n Hurt...n wait...n hope..
we would have been deprived of so many creatibe works...


Love hurts...
But it helps..
to make artists!


wildflower said...

@ Aman

Love hurts...
But it helps..
to make artists!

So well said...dis gnna stay in ma mind for a long tym 2 cum :)

@ amrita's sumethin like dat...

All you know is you love him...No reasons...!
May that kind of a madness never take over me :D

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

hmm, experience tis!

none of your said...

it reminds me a dialogue from the movie "dhadkan"
Main tumhe bhool jaaun ye ho nahi sakta! or tum muje bhool jaao ye main hone nahi dunga!!
i like that kind of stuff, (either just forget her, or get mighty enough to snatch her! don't just keep waiting,its wastage of time and resources!....
meri nahi to kisiki nahi.., that should me the attitude!

wildflower said...

and you wish to get anywhere in life with that kind of an attitude inside your skull? then god bless you!