Underachievers' Anonymous

Welcome to the world's underachievers refuge!
We are underachievers, We are losers...
We have failed all our lives...
And now we are heavily drunk
Sitting in sleepy solitary corners
Of obsolete noisy pubs
We incessantly clink our glasses
And talk to ourselves
About what could have been
but never happened
We talk about remorse,
about reasons that tied our feet up
We curse spells of bad luck
We envy the winners of the game
We criticize the rules of the world
We are unhappy, and we clink our glasses
We are chattering, and we drink more
And screw ourselves up
We want the dawn to never come
Too shy to face the day light
We are one amongst those people
Swarms of whom throng these places
Craving for hard work, sweat and blood...
Had we sulked and been lazy?
All our lives we have faked happiness
Tonight let's undo everything

Let's wash the shame
Let's be what we are
Let's make ourselves heard
Let our hearts boast about losing
Let our hearts boast about the trials we made
Despite which we lost...
And pep up the mind which still thinks it deserves more & better


Ronak said...


Have you written it ?

Amandeep said...

Now that shows so important things...
u know how it feels to be loser..
u know eevrything...
may be u feel like one...

But U r positive...
Is that all...being a loser?
Now lemme try n be a winner for a change!

A piece written by a positive person,,,:)

cheers to you!!

mayz said...

d wildflower has a wildfire burnin inside...like d intensity...keep it burnin...

Pri said...


*raises her glass*
hic hic!

sidhartha said...

excellent you write beautifully .ever since sunday express i wanted to come here .........brilliant power of imagination and use of words.....I had an idea you were good but your blogs have surpassed all my imaginations.......I am sorry i do not get any more adjectives .....so i repeat you write beautifullyyyyy

Ps said...

Makes me wonder who the real losers are.

wildflower said...

@ Ronak
Was that a question?
Never ask this question again...

@ Aman
Hell! U gotta motivate me to live on..!

@ mayz
Hmm...I douse the fire...& I die

@ pri
:) :) :)

@ sidhartha
U quite overdid the praise i guess
But it's an honor!

@ ps
yea yea..U gatda point!

arunabh said...

There is a very thin line between underachieving and loosing.I would prefer being on the safer side :)
Nice poem

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

So true.I'll havta rethink bout my failures now or may b frget em.:-)

Ashvini Kumar S K said...

Sounds very Scarily familiar to me..!!

Brilliantly Written!!!

Priyanka said...

It must have been so liberating to have written that...!!!

arvind said...

except a very few - all r underperformers.. thanks to remind their thinkings, inability and actions..

theSlowPoison said...

Wildflower is not an underperformed...