underneath your skin

The million dollar question is how frank are we?
How much of ourselves do we show to the world and
how much do we hide? Despite claiming that we are
born free we are actually tied up in chains,
chains that we ourselves have tied up ourselves
with. Is not secrecy about one’s own self a kind of a
limitation that comes in the way of a free spirit?

How frankly do we expose the hatred that we have
in ourselves for people who induce nothing but
disgust in our minds..?

How delicately are we subject to our instantaneous
bursts of whims? How often have you let the bird of
desire fly out of its cage, out in the open? Should
we let that capricious soul within us die an
uncalled for death?

If we love someone, can we uncork the heart
and talk about it? Despite the not so desirable

If we truly deeply madly admire something/someone what
stops us from confessing?

We were supposed to be free, right?
Afraid of shame, are we?
Do we tremble if anyone points a finger at us in the crowd?
What is wrong about standing apart from the herd of normal
humans, even be it for the conventionally wrong reasons...
After all those reasons are ours. We should stand up for our
reasons. If we don't, who will?
Can't we just stop caring about everything else?
It's all about the Freedom Of Expression, Dammit!


Keshi said...

thats cos we r born with an inherent quality that makes us wanna be RIGHT all the time, even when we r not. :)


arunabh said...

touche :)
I started introspecting once i was done with reading your post. Personally, i agree with whatever you have said. And it becomes even more relevant as a person ages.. gracefully or not. Most importantly this phenomenon is universal. But then such is life :)

anirudh said...

ooh..that penetrated thru

and the last line....that is ur post....expression just breaks out of walls of ..dunno wat..!

Solitaire said...

Apparently, we cannot. We live in a society and every society has its norms. Sad but true.

d SINNER!!! said...


it is hard initially to break the fetters...and that is the hardest part...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

very intense post.
I suppose I am the type of a person who is very generous with all the good feelings but i tend to hide all the bad feelings... working on it though... lets see how it goes..
anyway... awesome post, once again. I simply love your blog :-)


Mez said...

The fact remains we can neva be frank enough. Ppl out there watch our actions that can have so many repurcussions.

vitruvian said...

w are frank within our zone of comfort...
herd mentality is something very few people have the courage to go against..
yes we are free...
but we are still shackled by ego and weakness...
it is only that person who is brave and proud but not egotistical that can be frank with himself AND the world!

really intense post my girl!

Abhay said...

ppl who wanted to reach that 'free' state generally went off to take shelter in the mountains and forests, away from society. living in a society has too many obligations nd norms, its sad but hafta live with it.

well written.

maverick said...

well its so very difficult to get over the feeling that "wht wud the world think if i do this or do that.."...takes alot of courage to do it without giving a damn to the world..but then some ppl do it..n im sure we all can too :)..blog updated

wildflower said...

thanks raaji :) & thank you everyone

We think alike ...!

Love you all---------~~~~~~

Standbymind said...

Well you touch that chord...one tries to keep inside..and just lets it come out when its safe..:)

What do I say..

I suck :O


Amrita Sabat said...

yes we hold ourselves back.........but it's only bcoz we kno dat it's better to hold bak our impulses/desires rather dan goin ahead & doin sumthin stupid wich we will regret later. the thing is- we need to guard our freedom for our own gud, as mch as we want to make ourselves 'free'.