Memoirs of DnD!

I didn’t even blink before I deleted the last message I had sent long ago. I was trying to get over memories, get over a hang-over…get over all my sleepless nights, all my failures. I wished I could start afresh, start anew, start a-numb. I keep my cell phone clean. There is not a single name in my call-list, not a single message in my inbox. I never cease to delete those names because, when I look at those names, I get a feel that there are other people in my life besides myself. And all I want to believe right now is that there is not a soul around me, and I want to really relish being so alone, so-so alone in this world. This, in fact is, the truth.
To want to be taken on a flight, short leaps and jumps in lustful air…falls beyond my reach, for now and forever.
My body wants to hide beneath layers of flesh and blood, the thousand wishes that have perturbed my thoughts for years now. As she has never been as wild as my mind is. Nor will ever be.
My mind needs to be engulfed in a musical silence, and she wants to be carried away, away and away, into unknown terrains of unchartered glee. Everlasting latitude.
But more than that, my mind wants to be left alone for now and forever. I really really want to relish being so alone, so-so alone in this even lonelier world.
I want to be seated on shiny staircases, throughout breezy midnights, and feel my hair brush my back. I want fingers to twirl around fingers, and love to rise back to life, like a phoenix.
Is this lust? If it is, then I lust for more…!


Standbymind said...

Lust for more..
You shall get it all..
n the lust shall be fulfiled..
again n again!

And We are moving ahead with publication of your work..


I am your partner...dont change..and find new one!


--xh-- said...

beautifully poetic and romantic
a very practical tip if u want solitude - switch off your cell first.
starting anew from a clean slate is not so easy, but onc eyou manage to wipe your slate clean, then you are half done. and dear, Lust is something good. I see a lust for life in your words - hope it takes you to the path you choose.

d SINNER!!! said...

Lust...hits just the right notes...

Keep wanting and you'll get it soon...

anirudh said...

beautiful....simply beautiful..!

wildflower said...

@ Aman
Privilege to work wid u ;)

@ Anoop
romantic? *sigh*

@ sinner
m glad u guys din take me in da literal sense of da word.. :)

@ Anirudh
thanks..thank you ;)

SambY said...

oops maam.. thats not fiction thats my life.. :-).. refering to the ppost on which u commented.. :-)...

very nice piece here... lust.. and u shall get more.. gr8

Anand said...

That was amazing.. For the sheer joy of interpreting the meaning that hides behind words that could have betrayed your cause completely, I give you my thanks [:)]..
Also thank you for your insightful comment in my blog [:)].

Anand said...

And you'll have to forgive me for assumin DnD to mean Dungeons and Dragons before i wen on to read your post..

Anand said...


skeptic saint said...

wanting to be alone is something i have wanted eternally...

and yeah i wld agree with was poetic and romantic...see romanticism is a way of life and i believe i live by that...and you too...

Amrita Sabat said...

Wow..........i can't believe dis dat u n me r so similar in our desires!! yes.......even i love the feeling of my hair brushing my neck and back in the wind......and lust it is my dear! The Wind is a lustful lover.....making us love our solitude even further...a magical solitude..........wich makes us feel so good, so beautiful and so sexy.......:)

wildflower said...

@ samby
ur story is too good to be truE actually...i write sad stories about ma existence :D

@ anand
well... a DnD is not a but less than that either...dungeons & dragons!

@ sunil
I romance myself...truE!

@ amrita
all i am able to that i so so appreciate ur comment! U've almost floored mE!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I loved the way you ended it.

Complicated emotions...

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

this is EXACTLY what i want to do now. the feeling of complete want and desire is so dissapointing.

beautifully precise post. cheers! :)

am opening my blogroll and blogrollin you instantly!! :D