Look Famous...!

It’s been months when I had last confessed a well kept secret. So, let’s undo that trend now.

I have had an off-beat childhood. I am not to blame anyone for it. But, I have just had one. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t know. Now, talking about the off-beat childhood, it was obviously enclosed. I never happened to see things for what they were. All I did was, get up the school bus from right in-front of my apartment, go to school, study hard, come back home, study harder, wait for the tuition teacher, and maintain that rank in class…

I never dared to venture out of this badly crammed up routine thing. Anything different from this would appear abnormal. And I never let anything abnormal happen.

My life was constrained, restricted in every sense of the word.

So I never got to know the world. And the world never got to know me. My mind developed strange patterns and I developed a phobia of quite a large number of things.

And all this happened before the day I stepped into college. College just freaked me out.
I got a glimpse of the things actually. And since I came to know more of the world around me, I wanted the world to know me too.

Yeah, it’s a queer thing to confess, but I genuinely wanted people to know me. For whatever the reasons be. They should just know me by face. I should be famous among whatever people I am.

And I took this becoming famous job, more seriously than I should have. It screwed up my priorities in life. Messed things up, because I thought more about what people thought about me than what I thought about myself.

So, one day, I told myself that I had had enough. I called it quits. Enough of trying to become famous and all. I am what I am.

But then life gives these tiny li’l surprises. I, actually, was famous…well..sort of…!


Prakhar said...

Same Pinch!!

I still wanna be superstar!...but for myself...not for neone else

d SINNER!!! said...

A few incidents (quite early in life) for if-not-being famous but being-by-the-side of those famous during school made me pretty conscious of the 'famous' ones.

I was quite surprised when a cousin of mine while talking memories declared that I in childhood wanted to be "famous" and he thinks I have sought such a profession...but inwardly I confess I've only grown fearful of the word-FAMOUS!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

this is cute... i suppose we learn from experiences and its important that we have such experiences in life :-)

--xh-- said...

glad that u realized what matters is wht u think abt u than wht others think abt u :-D

ScRibbLeS said...

famous or not famous!
as long as you are happy..nothing rly matters!:)

anirudh said...


sweet secret sorted sugared seems!

wildflower said...

@ prakhar
we'r all narcissists u knw... :D

@ sinner
gr8 pic gurl

@ raaji
thanx 2 d experiences that we'v learnt soso much in our lives..//

@ xh
:) lolzz

@ scribbles
realising that took some time though...!

@ Anirudh
allllittteerraatiionnn???? :D

ravi said...

u rite..my life is also goin in the same way..i too xperienced the same kinda childhood....nice post..

d gypsy! said...

@ Wildflower..


puneet said...

i am sometimes amused when i come across people who know me, but for being something i am not. it is worse than being an unknown. but well. who cares?

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

i second scribbles! but when we're young, i guess we do some really weird stuff. all part of the game! at the end of every thing, we learn.

SammY said...