Because you hate life and I don't
Because both of us are in search for ourselves
Because neither has even the time to grab a breakfast
We run and rush

Because, right now I am concentrating on ma career..haha!
Because I need another five years to settle down in my life
And you will need ten more...

Because we need to find ourselves first, each other next, love then...and peace last!

And I would like to unwind in the weekend, lying down beside a series of ghastly movies, go out, splurge on my own money...and dream to make it bigger...but focussing all my energies on just one single person? Sorry, but I am far too selfish for that...

Guess a lot of other things could deserve that hell lot of attention!

And well! This is mere attraction, isn't it? Everything that is, is nothing but a fad, an infatuation.

Nothing is love.
Love is nothing.

And someday in time, we'l outgrow, whatever it! We'l move on...


--xh-- said...

feels like you have written my mind out :-D

anirudh said...

so true !!

d gypsy! said...

Because we need to find ourselves first, each other next, love then...and peace last!

:D u surprise me everytime in a wonderful way...

puneet said...

the greatest thing you can hope is to love and be loved in return...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

seems to real... so true :-)

Maya // مايا said...

.. you'll always carrying a part of it with you though- dormant or active. :)

India is just soo full of love. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly there. We do know hindi as we're in love with bollywood and well, we have a large Indian community here in Qatar so yeah, we could really interact with people. Everywhere we went, people had love for each other- we could even taste it in the food. We arabs sure can learn a few things about love from y'all. :)

Oh and regarding kamasutra thing, I mean with a population of over 1.2 billion, you guys must be doing something right! :D

Love.. ah.. Love! Gimme some of that! :d

wildflower said...

@ xh
:) luks lyk d thingz runnin in every1z mind!


@ gypsy
guess wot! thtz ma fav 2 :D

@ puneet
;) but well ah! everyone aint fortunate enuf.. grrr!

@ raaji
:) :) u feel d same.. mujhe humdard milgaya

@ maya
trade secret we nt supposed 2 comments :P