1. favor8 color: Black
2. favor8 vegetable: Tomato
3. woman of substance: Shakira~~~
4. A regret: NA
5. A good thing: Guy I loved, din’t love me back. Would have been disastrous otherwise.
6. Best things ever: Anything that’s soporific and Intoxicating. Coffee being neither is like ma eternal love, nevertheless!
7. What’s on the cards: writing a book is on the cards. *sarcastic laughter*
8. Perfect day out: getting lost in a jungle and rain dancing my way to salvation
9. Thing I learnt: Not all tall guys are good and not all short guys are bad
10. Worst thing about a woman: having to pluck your brows every two weeks.
11. Senility has arrived when: you move on from Garnier yellow to Garnier Red (Only the conscious females would know )
12. Worst thing about me: I chew ma nails!!
13. Favor8 words: “Pathetic!” & “O My GawD-Kill me Now!”
14. Most Unforgettable compliment I e’er got: Can’t write it down here ;). Someone might just know that I considered it o-so-unforgettable!
15. People I HATE the most: Hypocrites! I hate myself when I become one.


--xh-- said...

:) quick nice list...

Prakhar said...

Most Candid post I ever read.

d gypsy! said...

:) a quickie...

i hate bng a hypo----- too :P

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

cool tag :-)

It is very weird that you are unable to view my blog. I have not made any changes to any settings whatsoever.
Anyway, the url is:


Abhishek Khanna said...

chi chi
nails bite karna gandi baat hai

wildflower said...

@ xh
heha..needed 2 get it out!

@ prakhar
reely? thannkaa!!

@ gypsy
ya ya..we hate HYPOS!! ;)

@ raaji
havta try again i guess

@ abhishek
m tryin 2 get ovr it..m colorin ma nails blood red..wenava i chew them feels lyk m eatin BLOOD!

Amrita Sabat said...

woooooooooooooow!! mst tell U dat m visitin ur blog aftr quite a while & as ever, I find it overflowing with emotions and your passion....:)really yaar wildflower- u jst have to, have to and have to come up wid a novel- make it sooner rather than later! u r a terrific writer & i m so sure that ur book will be a sure best-seller!! :D
dis post is outrightly creative- coz it's mad, hilarious, poignant and strange- all at the same time. one day u had sed- u wanted 2 kno wat its lik being me wen i write my stuff. I'd like to kno the same for you 2de- hw its lik being u wen u write such out-of-the-world & outrightly amazing things........d obituary one was heart-touching. really.

wildflower said...

@ amrita
here comes a comment from ma dahlin' :) missed u here...

& we are each othr wen v wr8 'coz v go actively eccentric wen we wr8..

& as far as the novel is concerned .. m still wonderin if it's gonna work out f ever !.. :D

none of your said...

1. favor8 color: Black
2. favor8 vegetable: Bhindi- (lady's finger)
3. woman of substance: Alicia Nesh~~~
4. A regret: falling in love before marriage(you have no rights what so ever to question)
5. A good thing: Girl I loved, couldn't love me back after few months. Wouldn't have gotten a better one otherwise.
6. Best things ever: I was born in a middle class!
7. What’s on the cards: ACP-Delhi police - crime branch.
8. Perfect day out: at my village in the rainy season.
9. Thing I learnt: few Short girls really gotta decide what do they really want in their life.
10. Worst thing about a woman: have already written in (BLACK-WHITE post)
11. Senility has arrived when: You get to know that “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
12. Worst thing about me: I laugh at every god damn thing!
13. Favor8 words: 'that's hacking hilarious'.
14. Most Unforgettable compliment I e’er got: 'you are very eccentric'
15. People I HATE the most: Those who have had date with my first love after me!

wildflower said...

@ none
thankyu 4 d longest comment ever..!