"Which mad man opened the windows at this deathly hour...Grr!!!" I screamed hiding beneath a couple of blankets ,"Pleasee... shut them...I'm gonna die of this cold"
"It's six thirty...come on now!"
" I need to sleep for like seven more hours...And what's six thirty? I have never
seen a six thirty!"
"Alright! I will show you what it's like."
"No pleaseeee"

A moment later I saw light all around. The cold numbed my flesh. He'd pulled me out of the blanket.
"My toes will freeze..And what are we dying to see at this hour?"
"You don't need to put your feet on the floor, love."

I blushed but feigned a reluctance.
He carried me to the terrace that way and I was sinking my face into his chest for dear life.

"Now open thy eyes. See how the sun smiles at us"

Orangish red/Reddish Orange? "The light hurts, It's too bright and I'm too sleepy"
"It wont anymore...look at me?"
And then I looked into his eyes...

~Sunrise, Sunrise, Looks like morning in your eyes~
~May we be this way, for now & forever~


kunal said...

ironically, u only precisely pen ur thoughts.

d gypsy! said...


that was pretty unlike u but for a change loved it....

ani said...

:) inshallah!

Abhishek Khanna said...

i have just one word

wildflower said...

@ kunal
wots ironical? shudnt v b doin exactly tht..?
/pennin our thoughts/

@ gypsy
well ..I thought I was very much like that.. ;)

@ ani

@ Abhishek

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh nostalgia strikes, I could so relate to this one!

Illeen said...

thats so awesome.. pretty sweet..
thanks for d comment.. hope to see more of you.

kunal said...

lets forget about the word ironic. I have become a great fan of ur writing. they are just.. bingo!!!

anirudh said...


wildflower said...

@ raaji
n i knw y u cud relate 2 it :)

@ illeen

@ kunal
o reely?

@ anirudh
wow wow! ;)

kunal said...

yeah, really.. in your words..
Your writings smell so sweet,so divine like the smell of my first love.

Amrita Sabat said...

wah....mind-blowing. so romantic. we both think quite alike yar!!

$uch! said...

very romantic :)