It said 10: 25. She counted her blessings, that she
hadn't missed her train. But somehwere down her
heart, she had really wanted to miss it. That would
have been an easy excuse to stay back. But a hero that
he was, he never failed in anything. He made sure that
she was home bound that night.

She knew her train would leave any moment. By then
he had got out of the train and she was standing near
the doorway. There were hundreds waving goodbye.
And so was she.

But little did she know that she would actually do it. I
mean many a times it happens that you imagine a lot
of things and want them to happen desperately. But
then they hardly do, and at a certain point of time, you
get over those imaginations and move on with life. But
little did she know that she would actually do it.

Just when her train jerked into motion, she got down.
He was taken aback. She lay her hands on his
shoulders, raised her feet for her mouth to reach his
ears and said something softly. He stood there like a
piece of rock. And like a fearful shy child, she got back
into the train. And just when he wanted to see more of
her, she disappeared behind that thick translucent
glass. That's the problem with these AC

Once out of his sight, she felt safe from that
embarrasment. She remembered a thing that had
happend an aeon ago. On being asked whether a
woman could ever confess her love for a man, she had
said that she never should. That would give the man
an upper hand for the rest of their lives. But on further
thought, she added, if the man is worthy enough,
better give it a try than sit back and regret later!

So she quietly climbed to the upper birth, switched her
cell phone off and turned sides all night. Sleep wouldn't
come. Just his face would flash by. And then the
darkness of the compartment. She wanted to reach
home and forget about it all. She wanted to forget
about having met this man. She wanted to forget ever
having confessed her love for him.

Switching sides and thoughts the night didn't seem to
pass. And finally when sleep came, she didn't want it.

Then came the morning and she saw home. But the
thought came back to her. She felt a hole inside her.
May be she was just hungry. All is going to be fine, she
assured herself. He wont ever call back and they are
going to lose touch a week or so. And it'l be alright.

She dragged her bags out of the train. Eyes swollen and
hair out of place.

How she wished if someone could pick her up from the
station and give her a free ride home. She desperately
wanted to spot a familiar face in the crowd. But she

Or did she? Did she see someone she knew? Yes, of
course she did.

She recognised the man, smiling and walking towards
her. And as he picked up her bags, he said ,"Switched
the phone thing off, huh!All night!"

He had flown a four hundred miles just to say 'I love
you too."


Standbymind said...

I couldnt guess that...


Good one

Smruti Ranjan said...

Oops. .when I was about end reading the blog, was expecting a real happy ending, and now when that has happened, I think it as so unnatural.. :)

But yah, Original and interesting one

kunal said...

u know what.. this was a change.
The language u tried here is totally simple and different from ur other ones.

Your stories are not about the beginnings and the ends but about the middles.

loved it as i have loved ur other posts

Chriz said...

i had a smile in the end...

if only things like this could happen the whole equation called love would be so enjoyable

--xh-- said...

nice one, but i guess the end :| thought the guy will be either at the station or at her doorsteps, waiting for her....

Abhishek Khanna said...

waow!! Great one
Thanks for my early morning cup of smile

wildflower said...

@ Aman
ah-I kept u guessin ;)

@ Smruti
See..when the real life is sadd-sadd-- the blog life has to be happie--happie :)

@ kunal
thnx.. whteva u say always has a refreshing fragrance :)

@ Chriz
yeah- i wish hard..real hard..but the equations just get more & more complicated & ImpossiblE .!!

@ xh
well then he was, wasn't he ? :D

@ Abhishek

anirudh said...

thank you

thank you so much

pras said...

awesome story....woooopiiiiiiii

pls visit

d gypsy! said...

good nuff

a refreshin change nd complex, but so is life :)

Vijayshryaln said...

let me b ur fan..... Not only for ur writings......

wildflower said...

@ anirudh
netym ;)

@ gypsy
ya..definitely a chnge in my way of life..

Tamsin said...

i loved it.

esp.. d worthy guy part.. and the end.

not everyone is that lucky.

the alternative, is that, you lose courage in your own conviction...if that makes sense.

Vagabond said...

i remember the midnight street. where i asked him to kiss me.
he said it will be too complicated.
i walked home in the rain.
he called me back.
i didn't respond .
i was embarrassed, flushed, and in an innate way didn't want to spoil it with explanations.


he didn't fly back.


i didn't love him. i am not in love.
i fell in love with the midnight street. in love with the raindrops. in love with the way my lips were wet but not satiated.


you wrote what i felt...just that he did not fly back...

The Rain Crab said...

Gal.. this is the best!!! i loved it!!!!

Esp the gal proposing part!!!

wildflower said...

@ Tamsin
Have lost courage in my conviction so many times over, that have totally LosT it :D.. still shamelessly wr8in..coz i js cant help it..

@ Vagabond
they never fly back, we never tell them..a thing..we never

@ Rain Crab
glad u Did :)

Anonymous said...

Well, good enough post for someone to actually fly all the way and let you know that, instead of just commenting here! The irony!

Anonymous said...

On second thought, cant the guy just get on to the same train?

wildflower said...

because boarding a running train is..dangerous to life..!

nOt anyone you know said...

this post is bookmarked. you have no idea how close to life this is. thanks for the post. again.

Tan said...

and we can not dare to write anything of this sort any more.. How sad! but such is life!

wildflower said...

That's what it has come to be. What can we do? Hugs!! :)