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#I'm having splitends, it occurs to me that I need a hair cut.
#Initially I'm too lazy about it. Then make up my mind to get it done, once & for three months.
#So one late-morning, I'm looking at myself in mirror, in a room that has too many mirrors and you know being able to see myself from all angles possible makes me conscious & sad
#And there is this person who's doing something with my hair, you know, spraying water all over my head and tucking my hair up. She is dumping precious information, which shampoo-which conditioner-ayurvedic-herbal-chemical-blahh-blah
#And there is this another woman I have been constantly listening to. She is fair and fat and has golden hair. And she wants her hair to be completely in sync with the white dress she was to be wearning that night. You know, she has got pins with pearls on them, and then she wants them do be done wonderfully-so on & so forth. I wonder!
#I'm done. My bill is exorbitant. But everything is okay when it's once in three months. Besides I love being paid attention to. Even if it's about being told which shampoo causes dandruff & which doesn't.
#Outside I see a group of black, skinny women, probably labourers in the construction nearby, cooking lunch and their stunted urchins doing rounds. Here no one is worried about her hair. There are things that mattered far more. I hear their laughter and again I wonder!
#This is India. & India continues to remain a first love.

-I often have a problem explaining people that I'm basically a random person. But how do I tell you, I just aM-


ani said...

i so know what u mean!! i call myself a constant contradiction!! its only very recently that folks have started believing it! :D

by the way... beautifully written! :)

d gypsy! said...

what a contrast u depicted ...through ur randomness of course....

keep writing

kunal said...

u have to write a book soon.. just get started..

Chriz said...

nice depth in words.. loved every single bit...

btw isnt it the real you in words?

Abhishek Khanna said...

so is life
.. as random as it can get ..

nice once.. i like the way its written.

wildflower said...

@ ani
that's a gud thing! your folks are good.. :)

@ gypsy
u know i have to, writing is more of a compulsion than a choice

@ kunal
o yeah? i love being flattered by the way :P

@ Chriz
well fiction is just an excuse for me. you'l always find me if you look a little deeper into my words, if that is what you meant to ask...

@ Abhishek
thank you :)

anirudh said...

u leave me with no option but to.. smile wide in amazement

C R D said...

lovely post gal...what a contrast in lives na?


Alok said...


Vijayshryaln said...

so called life.... it will b more interestin ......
n ur eyes..... perfect beau.

Standbymind said...

Being random is cool!
Aint it

wildflower said...

@ anirudh
yeah! India is too persons and that is quite an amazement

yes CRD YES!

@ Alok

@ Vijay
thank you :P..guess u meant

@ Aman

Vijayshryaln said...
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Vijayshryaln said...

yup.... acceptable one.. rite???

Am so so impressed by ya eyes...... million dollar flower...

$uch! said...

i loved it, Mera Bharat Mahan :P