It's the last night of winter. Days will only get longer.
Dreams will only get shorter. And I will lose my refuge
in the dark...

My interpretation of things is weird. When I like
something, I don't know why I like it. When I hate
something I don't know the reason either. So more
often than not I go by my instincts and it turns out
that I can't explain my thoughts. Again it's no reasons,
no excuses,just know, I just am...

I am a passive person. Thoughts come to me. I don't
go to them. My stories come to me. I don't move an
inch. So I am a pathetic 'active thinker' and worse, my
lateral thinking skills are an absolute zero.

I hate headaches. They blurr my vision. They make
me go mad. They make me nauseatic. And more than
anything, they make me sad.

I love being alone. But sometimes solitude haunts me.
Before a minute, I wanted to be left to myself. And
now again I want to lose myself in a crowd. So I am
never sure what I want from my life. My priorities are
in doldrums.

I wonder if anybody would want to swap lives with
me. I have a cup of black coffee at 10 in the evening.
And that keeps me awake till 4 in the morning. And I
lose my nights somewhere in between.

My frustration gets dumped in a corner of my mind. It
keeps on piling like a pile of clothes waiting for the
laundry. And one night I plan to take a walk in the
cold, alone to throw it all out. Or otherwise I blog it

There is this man you just want to stand beside. He
doesn't have any of the qualities of the ideal man, but
you like him for what he is. He is genuine. And he is
nice. So, standing beside him, and counting moments, I
begin to blush irresistively and in my mind, I am
writing a song.

Of all that I wrote here is the an excerpt...

'But with every passing moment we travelled deeper
into each other. Restraint became an impossibility and
conscience, a liability. '

And I would avoid publishing the rest.


Chriz said...

just when the realisation dawned on me the post ended and i was shut out....

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

its very articulate. I could relate to the nights and the coffee cups.
I love the quote in the end :-)

d gypsy! said...


Anonymous said...

...a nice one indeed...

kunal said...

u can write a thousand ABOUT MEs,all so different but yet so similar

Vijayshryaln said...

continue ur forward march with ya beau......

Smruti Ranjan said...

I got a nice thought reading ur post,

We read a big newspaper article and in our mind we filter out the core thoughts from it. WE throw the newpaper but use the toughts.I I try to prove one fine day, why I think such a way, I will not be able to prove it. but thats fine, I have to believe in myself.Insticts are also similarly built from a digestive experience.

who is this man, avoiding standing beside you :)

proposing one karaoke,

din parvat jaise bhari
raatein ojhal ojhal saari
tu yeh soch ta hai rahein kaisen aasan ho,
saari anjani hai rahein
jinpe dundhe teri nigahein
koi aisa pal jo tujh pe aake meherban ho.

wildflower said...

@ chriz
hope tht i din shock ya :)

@ raaji
thnx.. thts just a part of sumthin more lovable ;)

@ gypsy
nice eyes ;) !

@ krazy--
oh--thnkya :D

@ kunal
u knw thts y i get confused in intervies :|

@ vijay
if u so persist, we l hv d pic removed :)

@ smruti
incredibly sweet of you :)luvd d meaning of it...& btw abt d guy...No comnts :P

anirudh said...


anirudh said...


Vijayshryaln said...

y sud u remove it wen ur fan's eyes r watchin U 24*7....... But if u can, try showing me another beau pic.......