Men in my Life- I

I had five minutes to catch my train. I had a heavy suit case
in one hand hand, my hand bag in another. Plus a parcel of
my wud-be-dinner. I was climbing the stairs on this
foot-over bridge to the other platform. My luggage was
almost kiling me. And that showed on my face.

There was a gentleman accompanying me. He was a tall, fair
and gentle man. Worthy and nice. He was supposed to see me
off in my coach and rush to his. In a span of fast reducing
seconds now.

He saw me struggling with my bags and all. Five steps ahead
of me, he waited.

"Need help?"
"No, I am fine."

We drag two more steps.

"Gimme something"
"Ah? No's okay"

I caught up with him. And when I was right beside him, he
took the packet of chowmein from my hands.
I was so much in splits laughing and laughing and laughing.
But all inside my mind. I had one suit case..a bag to add to that,
on my frail shoulders. But the packet of chowmein was all he
could do to lessen my burden.

And I am still in splits laughing. Wondering about the insignificance
of the moment we shared. The stupidity of it. Of me coming back
and telling about it to my friends. And finally writing it down. Here.


gypsy said...


guess he was too hungry :P amusing haan...

manas said...

intelligent humour..

Anirudh 'Lallan' Choudhry said...


me... said...

ha ha ha :P

Unknown said...

That was funny ! :-D. Even I would have done the same ! ;-)

Unknown said...
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wildflower said...

@ gypsy
mm...may be he skipped dinner that night.. :D & i was wondering..if we have some space for humor in our lives.. :)

@ manas
:) tnx...

@ anirudh
As usual... beauty lies in the way you see it ..

@ Poojii
HAHAHA..puri kahani milne pe bataungi tujhe ...aur bhi bahat kuch hua tha be :P

@ Tapas
hehe/... all men r d same :)

PS: He did make sure I was welfed that night, he returned me finallY :) ---allsmiles---!

Smruti Ranjan said...

how abt this thought,
there is a feeling in a woman, if a man can do it, i too can deal.. with this heavy suitcase.Helping u carry the suitcase would have hurted ur as an intelligent man he did not let ur self confidence go down and as well helped u.
i think this is the genX funda :)

WritingsForLife said...

well think of it this way: may be he took the package of food from your hand because you refused for his help making him think that you feel insecure about handing him your belongings... so food was insignificant, and he did what he could to help you.

that is one possibility right? i dont think he would be that stupid or that selfish :-)

wildflower said...

@ smruti
sumtyms one gets so tired of tending to the single woman's inflated ego & wants to be pampered...only some tall n fair gentlemen dont understand.. :P

@ raaji
definitely a possibility, but he wasnt a total strnger, wudnt hv run away wid ma luggage i know :O whtever hpned ws in the spur of an insignificnt moment, a bout of foolishness which shows in your mannerisms when you're with a person who is not totally a frnd..

Free Education Consultancy said...

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The Furobiker said...

hehe. hungry old man :D

Praneet Gourav said...

Imagine it....
Being a gentleman, he's nervous in a girl's company...Somehow he gathered courage to ask yo if you needed refused outright....he's even more nervous....he slows down so that yu come near he's even more nervous....
going by a simple logic would have held your heavy suitcase in one hand and dragging it on the floor...and the back is on your shoulders ....the chowmein packet was in between your fingers....

AS he was eager to help, he had to make the fastest move, grab the nearest thing...the chowmein packet....

And dear lady, you laugh at a gentleman :P

wildflower said...

@ abhishek
yeah probably :P

@ praneet
why would a gentleman like him be nervous in the company of a girl, and that too a girl like me? :P
and well this was my way of preservin that moment. if i made fun of him, pardon me, but i almost had a crush on him /.. :D